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'The Knook' - ideal for crocheters who want to knit. The KnitPro Wooden Knooking Hook is no ordinary crochet hook. “The Knook,” as it's called, is a hook with a needle eye at the end of the handle. The crochet hook can be used as a normal crochet hook but also as a knitting needle - yes, you can knit with a crochet hook! "Knooking" is a crossword of the two singular words "tricot" and "crochet", ie knitting and crochet. "Knooking" means crochet with the knitting needle, but the stitches appear to be knitted. There can be rows or circles with "The Knook" and even the smallest circumference can be knitted.

Knooking needle - KnitPro "Symfonie"

Out of Stock
  • Knooking needles are available from size 4.00mm up to 12.00mm.


    Packaging: Contains one unit.

  • Is a technique that enjoys great popularity among crochet workers who want to create knitted fabrics using a modified crochet hook. Knooking is a cross between knitting and crochet: you use a knitting needle, which is basically a crochet hook with a cord attached.

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