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Circular needles for lace with extra long, fine and pointed ends (but not too sharp!). For fine yarns and fine knitting techniques. Longer stitches and a smooth surface make it easier to pick up stitches, even in the finest threads. As such, they are the perfect choice if you like to knit quickly and comfortably, and of course get great results! This circular needle is suitable for delicate knitting. The addi Lace circular needle stick has a strong and flexible red thread and perfect transitions between needle and thread, allowing the thread to glide like a dream.

Addi - Fixed circular knitting needles - Lace

  • Composition: Nickel free brass covered with white bronze.

  • Addi is headquartered in Germany and its products are also made in Germany.You are guaranteed to obtain quality and durability with the addi tools! The needles are nickel free and can easily be used by allergy sufferers.

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