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For knitting enthusiasts who prefer the natural, the stylish Natural ball knitting needles are the right choice. Of already proven and recognized quality, they convince by their polished, smooth surfaces which allow a soft slip of the stitches and therefore a fast knitting without snagging. The tips are tapered and have such a perfect shape that drilling is very simple and wire splicing is prevented.With the Natural ball knitting needles, knitting for hours is very easy - the wood generates a pleasant warmth on the hands. The ball knitting needles are beautifully light and look elegant thanks to the different color scheme.

Single-pointed knitting needles 35 cm - PRYM Natural

  • Particularly smooth and polished surface.


    Conical shaped tips for easy drilling.


    Elegant appearance thanks to individual wood grain.


    Packaging : Set of 2 ball needles.

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