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Lanivendole created this yarn using their favourite Italian fibres: wool, alpaca, and mohair. They’re blended and worsted spun in local small mills near Biella and are then skeined and hand dyed in our studios. A traceable, small scale production to create an artisan exquisite yarn.

A Pure & Simple Wool - Lanivendole

  • Composition : 20% Mohair wool, 20% Alpaca wool, 60% Abruzzese wool


    Needle size : 3 mm/USA 3 /UK 11


    Category : [1] Super fin | sock, fingering, baby


    Yarn length : 50 g = 225 m | 246 yds


    Sample : 26 stitches to 4 ‘’ (10cm)


    Washing: Hand wash, dry flat

  • We are a small company from Genoa, Italy. Our goal is to create unique yarns containing noble local fibers. Our yarns are made in short chain production, which is 100% traceable: it starts with collecting fibers that we do directly from local breeders, this takes place in two experienced factories where our blends are made up and take the form of yarns and it ends with our workshop where we hand-dye skimpy yarns in small batches. The quantities of each type of yarn are quite limited, because they are directly conditioned by the annual yield of the fibers that we select, by the size of the herds and by the production capacity of the factories. it allows us to have control over each step and to aim for very high quality standards, in close collaboration with qualified breeders to get the most out of each mixture of fibers; indeed, each batch coming out of the mills is slightly different and therefore unique, just like a precious wine that varies from year to year, and the same goes for the dyelots, which reflect the artisanal process. to tell a story, through materials and colors, and is made to cuddle and highlight every knitted garment you create. The origin of our project goes back to the years spent teaching hand spinning and textile arts, an enriching activity that made us travel through Italy to know the profession of many breeders who decided to recover the breeds. local wool and strengthen the farms of valuable fibers. During this period, we decided that we wanted to promote.

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