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Welcome to Funky Fibres!

This shop is a wonderful rainbow of colors that will simply become an inexhaustible source of inspiration in multitudes of projects and techniques with threads and needles. It's surprising how much you can create by throwing a thread through a needle, as if by magic, hop… a baby jacket, a zero-waste shopping bag, etc… just falls off your needles!

We are all connected either directly or indirectly by “threads”, visible or invisible. This notion of interlacing is undeniable. This space was therefore born so that we can continue to embrace and multiply our connections while respecting the environment.

We offer natural fibres or of natural origin without the addition of synthetic fibres from fossil resources. The fibres come from producers that are certified "GOTS", "Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex", small productions where the wool is 100% traceable, spun locally and "No Mulesing". Each of them make a gesture towards the environment, humans and / or animals. According to your own convictions, you will find the right fibre for you here!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of threads; let's create and innovate because creativity has no limits! Fibres are a gift from nature, let us thank and honor them by giving continuity to this magnificent material.

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